IEEE ICBK2021 Programme (Online)
      December 07 – 08, 2021
      Scheduled in Beijing/Hong Kong Time

      Due to the current situation of COVID-19, the organizing committee decided to hold the 12th IEEE International Conference on Big Knowledge (ICBK-2021) again with Zoom. Please refer to the attachment ( ICBK2021-Programme.pdf ) for the detailed schedule of the conference, or  view this page online.

      Session K1, K2, K3, A1, A2, A3, A4
      PW: 12070821

      Session B1, B2, B3,B4
      PW: 12080721

      Day1: December 07 2021                                                                   
      Opening and Keynote Session K1 (09:00 – 11:30)
      09:00 – 09:30        Opening Session, Chair: Xindong Wu
      09:30 – 10:30        Keynote Speech 1 (K1) - The Evolution of Future Network Technology (Yunjie Liu), Chair: Lei Chen
      Parallel Session A1 (10:30 – 11:30), Chair: Min-Ling Zhang

      PaperID Presenter Title
      Machine Learning and Knowledge Graphs
      01 10:30-10:45 KG244 Runnan Tan Graph Neural Network for Ethereum Fraud Detection
      02 10:45-11:00 KG248 Heng-Ru Zhang Label Distribution Learning by Exploiting Feature-Label Correlations Locally
      03 11:00-11:15 KG256 Yujie Wang Improving Gradient-based DAG Learning by Structural Asymmetry
      04 11:15-11:30 KG260 Haixia Zhao Intuitionistic Fuzzy Requirements Aggregation for Graph Pattern Matching with Group Decision Makers
      05 11:30-11:45 KG220 Shujing Ke Surprisingness – A Novel Objective Interestingness Measure in Hypergraph Pattern Mining for Unsupervised Common Sense Learning
      Parallel Session A2 (14:00 – 17:30) Afternoon, Chair: Zheng Wang

      PaperID Presenter Title
      Machine Learning and Knowledge Graphs
      01 14:00-14:15 KG204 Yi Zhu Personalized Recommendation Based On Entity Attributes and Graph Features
      02 14:15-14:30 KG206 Yuxun Lu Unsupervised Type Constraint Inference in Bilinear Knowledge Graph Completion Models
      03 14:30-14:45 KG218 Kang Yan A Novel Homophily-aware Correction Approach for Crowdsourced Labels Using Information Entropy
      04 14:45-15:00 KG224 Himel Das Gupta Knowledge Distillation via Weighted Ensemble of Teaching Assistants
      05 15:00-15:15 KG230 Divya Gangwani An Empirical Study of Deep Learning Frameworks for Melanoma Cancer Detection using Transfer Learning and Data Augmentation
      06 15:15-15:30 KG234 Wentao Hu Accelerating Learning Bayesian Network Structures by Reducing Redundant CI Tests
      07 15:30-15:45 KG235 Guixian Zhang Aggregation Enhanced Graph Convolutional Network for Graph Classification
      08 15:45-16:00 KG241 Youxi Wu HSNP-Miner: High Utility Self-Adaptive Nonoverlapping Pattern Mining
      16:10 – 17:10 Keynote Speech 2 (K2) - Combining Deductive and Statistical Explanations in the FRANK Query
      Answering System (Alan Bundy), Chair:Xue Li

      Day1: December 07 2021                                                                   
      Parallel Session B1 (10:30 – 11:30), Chair: Zhi Jin
      Machine Learning for Streaming Data
      Zhong Chen
      CSRDA: Cost-sensitive Regularized Dual Averaging for Handling Imbalanced and High-dimensional Streaming Data
      Chenyu Cao
      Recognizing Characters and Relationships from Videos via Spatial-Temporal and Multimodal Cues
      Kentaro Ohno
      Recurrent Neural Networks for Learning Long-term Temporal Dependencies with Reanalysis of Time Scale Representation
      Xikun Huang
      Temporal Analysis of Knowledge Networks
      Parallel Session B2 (14:00 – 17:15) Afternoon, Chair: Yiyang Yang
      Machine Learning and Knowledge Graphs, Machine Learning for Streaming Data
      0114:00-14:15KG269Ru WangMeta-path Enhanced Knowledge Graph Convolutional Network for Recommender Systems
      0214:15-14:30DM1009Nan XuTreatment Recommendation with Preference-based Reinforcement Learning
      0314:30-14:45DM269Sha LuDivide and Conquer: Targeted Adversary Detection using Proximity and Dependency
      0414:45-15:00KG216Ze YangMTSC-GE: A Novel Graph based Method for Multivariate Time Series Clustering
      0515:00-15:15KG217Changyang TaiGaussian Model-Based Fully Convolutional Networks for Multivariate Time Series Classification
      0615:15-15:30KG245Xiulin ZhengAn Efficient Framework for Multi-Label Learning in Non-stationary Data Stream
      0715:30-15:45KG236Yan YuAn efficient framework for sentence similarity inspired by quantum computing
      16:10 – 17:10 Keynote Speech 2 (K2) - Combining Deductive and Statistical Explanations in the FRANK Query
      Answering System (Alan Bundy), Chair:Xue Li

      Day2: December 08 2021                                                                   

      Keynote Session K3 (09:00 – 10:00), Chair:Zhiguo Gong
      09:00 – 10:00        Keynote Speech 3 - What to Expect for the Next Generation Distributed File Systems? (Weimin Zheng)
      Parallel Session A3 (10:00 – 12:30) Morning, ChairXiaowei Wu
      Reasoning with Knowledge Graphs, Knowledge Graph Analytics and Applications
      0110:00-10:15KG211Wei QinImplicit Business Competitor Inference Using Heterogeneous Knowledge Graph
      0210:15-10:30KG219Liangzhu ZhouResearch on Crowdsourcing Truth Inference Method Based on Graph Embedding
      0310:30-10:45KG265Xiuxing LiJointly Modeling Fact Triples and Text Information for Knowledge Base Completion
      0410:45-11:00KG274Ru ChenA Scheme for Kinship Reasoning based on Ontology
      0511:00-11:15KG276Huan ZhangA divide-and-conquer method for computing preferred extensions of argumentation frameworks
      0611:15-11:30KG223Wei Emma Zhang, Queen NguyenConstructing COVID-19 Knowledge Graph from A Large Corpus of Scientific Articles
      0711:30-11:45KG277Chuanqing WangYABKO-Yet Another Big Knowledge Organization
      0811:45-12:00DM426Chowdhury Farhan AhmedUFreS: A New Technique for Discovering Frequent Subgraph Patterns in Uncertain Graph Databases
      0912:00-12:15DM623Evan ShiehAttribute Similarity and Relevance-Based Product Schema Matching for Targeted Catalog Enrichment
      1012:15-12:30DM587Varun Ravikumar EmbarDiffxtract: Joint Discriminative Product Attribute-Value Extraction
      Parallel Session B3 (10:00 – 12:15) Morning, Chair: Pengyang Wang
      Knowledge Graphs and NLP
      0110:00-10:15KG202Yin Wangg Global Semantics with Boundary Constraint Knowledge graph for Chinese Financial Event Detection
      0210:15-10:30KG205Wenwu ZhiA Semi-supervised Bilingual Lexicon Induction Method for Distant Language Pairs Based on Bidirectional Adversarial Model
      0310:30-10:45KG207Mei MaMulti-level Spatio-temporal Matching Network for Multi-turn Response Selection in Retrieval-based Dialogue Systems
      0410:45-11:00KG208Wei NongHfGCN: Hierarchical fused GCN for Joint Entity and Relation Extraction
      0511:00-11:15KG221Zahra AhmadiTopic-guided Knowledge Graph Construction for Argument Mining
      0611:15-11:30KG228Huixin ZhanGated Graph Neural Networks (GG-NNs) for Abstractive Multi-Comment Summarization
      0711:30-11:45KG237Meng JiangMulti-Round Parsing-based Multiword Rules for Scientific Knowledge Extraction
      0811:45-12:00KG263Xiuxing LiBridging the Language Gap: Knowledge Injected Multilingual Question Answering
      0912:00-12:15KG264Xiao ZhangA Knowledge Enhanced Chinese GaoKao Reading Comprehension Method
      Parallel Session A4 (14:00 – 17:00) Afternoon, Chair: Junyang Chen
      Social Network and Representation Learning, Knowledge Graphs for Education
      0114:00-14:15KG239Fanghui BiA Proximal Alternating-direction-method-of-multipliers-based Nonnegative Latent Factor Model
      0214:15-14:30KG261Peng ZhangAn Ensemble Latent Factor Model for Highly Accurate Web Service QoS Prediction
      0314:30-14:45KG272Xiyu QiaoInfluence Maximization Using User Connectivity Guarantee in Social Networks
      0414:45-15:00KG226Yushi HiroseTransductive Data Augmentation with Relational Path Rule Mining for Knowledge Graph Embedding
      0515:00-15:15DM1026Bingke XuFair Representation Learning in Knowledge-aware Recommendation
      Break(30 Minutes)
      0615:45-16:00DM476Tongya ZhengLearning Dynamic Preference Structure Embedding From Temporal Networks
      0716:00-16:15KG242Jingchao QiToFM: Topic-specific Facet Mining by Facet Propagation within Clusters
      0816:15-16:30KG247Hongwei ZengMulti-task Learning for Multi-turn Dialogue Generation with Topic Drift Modeling
      0916:30-16:45KG255Wenjun WuFuzzy c-Means Clustering with Discriminative Projection
      1016:45-17:00KG266Siqi LeiConsistency-aware Multi-modal Network for Hierarchical Multi-label Classification in Online Education System
      Parallel Session B4 (14:00 – 16:45) AfternoonChair: Hadi Akbarzadeh Khorshidi
      Operations Research, Optimisation and Machine Learning
      0114:00-14:15KG240Wei SongMining Unexpected Sequential Patterns from MOOC Data
      0214:15-14:30KG243JianCheng DuQuery-focused Abstractive Summarization viaQuestion-answering Model
      0314:30-14:45KG249Jaber ValizadehA Robust Mathematical Model for Blood Supply Chain Network using Game Theory
      0414:45-15:00KG252Panpan LeiAnswer-Centric Local and Global Information Fusion for Conversational Question Generation
      0515:00-15:15KG254Yongguo LiuA Character-Word Graph Attention Networks for Chinese Text Classification
      Break(30 Minutes)
      0615:45-16:00KG258Fan MinA Genetic Algorithm for Residual Static Correction
      0716:00-16:15KG262Zahra GhasemiA survey on Optimisation-based Semi-supervised Clustering Methods
      0816:15-16:30KG268Yuxin HeQuestion-formed Query Suggestion
      0916:30-16:45KG273PanYanIntervention Prediction for Patients with Pressure Injury Using Random Forest

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